On Tuesday morning, a fire broke out at the Wynnewood Refinery in Oklahoma, leading to an explosion and causing two individuals to sustain injuries. The incident occurred near Highway 77 and 17A, east of Interstate 35. Pictures shared by a viewer depicted a massive plume of smoke emanating from the refinery, located just north of the intersection.

Upon arrival, emergency responders and firefighting crews battled the flames engulfing the refinery. A viewer’s photographs depicted a significant plume of smoke rising from the site of the fire.

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Garvin County Sheriff’s Office promptly dispatched deputies to the scene, and emergency medical services (EMS) arrived to provide treatment to the injured parties. However, the current condition of the individuals remains unknown.

Efforts to contain the fire proved successful, with much of the blaze under control when Sky 5, a news helicopter, arrived at the scene. However, flames briefly reignited during their presence but were swiftly extinguished by the diligent firefighters using water and foam.

The fire originated in the gasoline hydrotreater section of the Wynnewood Refinery, according to officials. They emphasized that the fire was contained and emergency crews are actively working to fully extinguish it. Concurrently, an investigation into the incident has been initiated to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the explosion.

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Efforts are underway to fully extinguish the isolated fire, and an investigation into the incident has been initiated.

Unfortunately, the Wynnewood Refinery has a history of safety issues. In 2012, an explosion at the facility claimed the lives of two individuals. Over the years, the refinery has encountered various challenges, making this latest incident another setback for the facility.

Fires and explosions have occurred at the refinery in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. These recurring incidents raise concerns about the refinery’s safety protocols and prompt further scrutiny.