Three farmers from Sitaranj area in Udham Singh Nagar District, Uttarakhand, destroyed their 4.25 acre land and the banana crops growing in it by chopping the trees after failing to make sales for the right price, Hindustan Times reported. The horticulture officials advised the farmers to plant the crop, however, they failed to find buyers when the crop was ready for harvest. 

 The farmers travelled to Pilibhit and Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh looking for buyers, but all in vain. They said destroying the crop was the last resort.

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A similar case emerged in December where hundreds of farmers in Andhra Pradesh had to sell tomatoes at 10 paise per kg. The price was so meagre that making profit was out of the question. They couldn’t even compensate for the investment they made for growing the crops. Farmers had spent Rs 8,400 crore per acre every session, including labour cost and transportation.

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Farmers who grow fruits and vegetables not covered under minimum support price (MSP) and with a low shelf life bear the brunt of this situation. When the produce reaches the markets for sale, their prices plummet suddenly. Since the farmers cannot hold the harvested crop for long, they have no choice but to sell it at lower price.

Sometimes, the fruits and vegetables end up feeding the cattle.