Thousands of users on the East Coast of US with subscriptions to internet provider Verizon faced a disruption in internet services on Tuesday and subsequently hampered access to net-based services from Zoom, Amazon, Slack, Google among others, reported Reuters. 

Verizon, one of the top internet services providers in the US, had informed users in Brooklyn about the fiber cut. 

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Spokesman Rich Young said the company was “aware of an issue impacting the quality” of its broadband service “throughout the Northeast corridor.” He added Verizon has “already seen service levels start to restore", reported Reuters. 

Reports of the outage are under review by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Jessica Rosenworcel, the chair of the FCC said on Twitter that the Homeland Security Bureau and Public Safety department are "working to get to the bottom of what is going on.”

 It had earlier stated that it was looking into connectivity problems with an internet service provider, which caused the AWS services to glitch and disrupted the services which depend on it, reported Reuters. 

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A Google spokesperson stated that Verizon had knowledge about the reports based on the issues which impacted the user's access to its products, but failed to find problems with its services. 

Reuters reported that users from Robinhood,  Charles Schwab Corp and other online trading platforms had been reporting issues in the market session for two consecutive days, according to 

A spokesperson from Charles Schwab said, "Earlier this morning, we experienced an issue with bank balances not displaying accurately that has since been resolved. Trading functionality was not impacted."