Instant messaging application WhatsApp is currently working on message reactions, a feature Twitter, Instagram and Facebook already have. Users will be able to react to messages with emoji icons on WhatsApp once the company releases the update. 

The upcoming feature, message reactions, was spotted during beta tests, as per WaBetaInfo reports. Screenshots shared on the independent news portal suggest that users were asked to update their version of WhatsApp beta to see the message reaction.

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“Today we can finally announce one of the first messaging features that’s coming on WhatsApp: reactions! You already know what is a reaction: it’s usually an emoji that you can place on a message to express emotions. Instagram, Twitter, iMessage already support message reactions and today we can start to discover the progress of their development,” WaBetaInfo report said.

On Instagram, like WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Facebook, one needs long-press on a message and select from any of the emojis that pop up. Once selected, the person, whose message you responded will get a notification for the same reaction. 

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The Wabetainfo reveals that the feature is under development and can be accessed by beta testers. The company, WhatsApp, is yet to announce an update about the feature. No other details are known. 

This update comes as WhatsApp is also expected to add a payment shortcut button to the Android app. 

“WhatsApp is introducing a new shortcut to quickly send payments. Previously you had to open the chat action sheet in order to send payments, instead of WhatsApp is now placing a dedicated button on the chat bar,” a Wabetainfo report read.