Good, bad and ugly, actor Faissal Khan says he has seen it all in his life and has come out a winner. The actor has often made headlines over his equation with brother Aamir Khan but says he has left his past behind and is ready to live up to the expectations of his fans with his new role as a director.

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Asked about one thing that he would want to erase from his life, Faissal said, “Nothing at all” and added that he “would love to live the life the way it’s going on."

“Whatever a person goes through adds to his or her experience. Luckily I didn’t break at any point in time.  I was under immense pressure but I am a strong person and I believe in God a lot.

That’s where my strength comes from. I believe what I had to go through, I went through and luckily I am out of it. Like I said I am a person who looks forward. I don't go back to the past. I have taken all the challenges in life and I am a winner in all the situations,” he said.

Talking about his new role as director with ‘Faactory’, he says that it’s an attempt to explore new avenues.

“ Initially I was supposed to be just an actor in this film but unfortunately I landed up doing most of the back-end work and the director was not able to give enough time for the project. This was the time me and the producers decided to take over the project.  I am involved in everything so I thought I should make this film the way I want to and release it,” he said.

So which role was more challenging- actor or director?

“I have assisted films in the past because I was so organized in the direction part so it was easy. I had a lot of workshops with the actor.  Everything went off very smoothly. I have done so much in the past so I thought let me put all my experience to good use. I think it’s the right time to direct.

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“Also, as an actor I have aged. I am 55 so how long will I carry on as an actor. I will be able to carry on for 8-10 years maximum with the right role where I can play my age. This is the reason why I thought why not get into the direction as well. Suppose if this film doesn’t do well so what I would do. I will switch over to direction very easily and Transition will be easy for me now,” said  Faissal whose last film as an actor was released in 2002 titled ‘Kaaboo’.

Faissal is a trained theatre actor and he says nothing matters more than that.

“There is a thing like knowing your graph. First, you have to know your work and then you can put the blame on someone else like the industry or anyone. You can’t last on luck for very long.  It will take some time to understand. I was a very bad actor in the first film ‘Madhosh’ and then I worked hard and came up with a performance like ‘Mela’ standing up with other artists and getting noticed. Destiny plays a part and you have to know your work and that’s what I have been working on,” he said.

But does he feel that being in news for his equation with Aamir Khan was a roadblock in his career?

“Nothing can affect you as an actor and it’s just your destiny. You have to go through tough times.  Luckily I came out of it and then I thought of making a mark as an actor and director again so whatever is written in your destiny, you have to go through that. Whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, I have put all these things behind me and focus on growing as a creative person. That’s why I don’t believe in looking back,” he said.

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Also, he says that if he has to earn my daily bread, I have to make a mark on my own.

 "It works that way. I will have to come out of the shadows and that’s what I am trying to do with ‘Faactory’. Put my full capability as an actor and as a director and find how the audience reacts to it,” he said.

So how does he plan his life from here on?

“I never plan my life, I just go with the flow. I keep working on myself and as a professional. The basic essence of life is unpredictability so why should I plan. Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans,” he said.

But is he willing to direct Aamir in the future?

“No, and the reason is that Aamir takes away the whole project but as a director, I want to make my own film the way I want to. As a director I have my own vision. I can’t let anyone dominate me and tell me what to do,” he said.