The grand old party of India - the Congress, which ruled the country for the maximum years, is facing a financial crisis, a media report has said.

The party with governments in just six states, including Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, is having trouble attracting funds, the report said.

Mobilisation of political funds, according to The Times of India report, has gradually become difficult for the Congress since it's debacle in 2014 general elections. Since then, the party has faced several defeats, as the BJP expanded its footprint across the country.


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The Congress faces a financial challenge with the upcoming state assembly elections in Puducherry, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the report said quoting a senior-office bearer. The upcoming election would serve as a testing ground for the management strength of the party, the official said.

Financial stability and backup are among the key issues that are discussed at top party meetings. Top party managers from Congress reportedly met with leaders from Jharkhand, Punjab and Maharashtra to discuss the finances.


An AICC leader has, according to the report, said, "Finances have been a focus area during recent meetings."

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The Congress meetings that were largely about party nominations of state leaders earlier now reportedly talk of financial accountability within the party.


Political fundings from private donors largely depend on the party's position and political strength in the country. With back-to-back defeats in the last six years and poor performance across the country, the road ahead seems bumpy for the party. As per the report, the Congress also plans to ask its elected representatives for contributions.