Rishi Sunak has become the UK’s first person of colour to become Prime Minister. While he is the third PM in a three, following the resignation of Boris Johnson and then Liz Truss, the 42-year-old is now tasked with repairing the country’s damaged economy. 

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer and his wife, Akshata Murty are set to move into the Prime Minister’s residence, 10 Downing Street in London. The couple have been married for the last 13 years but have known each other ever since they first got together while Murty was an MBA student at Stanford University and Sunak was a Fulbright Scholar at the same place. 

The couple married in 2009 and have been together ever since. They have two children, Krishna and Anoushka, although they are largely kept out of the public eye. Murty and Sunak are both 42 years old. 

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As the daughter of N.R. Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murty, the couple that founded Indian IT company Infosys, Akshata owns a very minor, but still significant stake in the organisation. She currently holds a 0.93% stake in Infosys which translates to roughly £700 million as of April 2022. In addition to her Infosys wealth, Akshata Murty owns shares in two of Jamie Oliver restaurant businesses, Wendy’s in India. She also has shares in Koro Kids and Digme Fitness, for which she is the director. 

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According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Akshata Murty is worth $1.2 billion, significantly more than King Charles III. 

Some of that includes the two properties in London, one of which is a five-bedroom townhouse, and the other an apartment. She and Sunak also own a family manor which sits on 12 acres in Kirby Sigston, North Yorkshire. 

Murty has previously come under fire for alleged tax evasion because of her non-domicile status. As a result, she said that she would no longer use it and instead would pay taxes on income earned outside the United Kingdom.