Recently a bill was passed to bring Indian research stations in which region under the domestic laws of the country?





Answer: Antarctic

The Parliament on Monday passed the Antarctic Bill, which seeks to extend the application of domestic laws to research stations set up by India in the Antarctic region. 

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The Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022, piloted in the Upper House by Earth Sciences Minister Jitendra Singh, was passed with a voice vote after a brief discussion. The bill was approved by the Lok Sabha on July 22.

The House rejected by voice vote several amendments moved by MPs of various Opposition parties, including one for sending the bill to a Select Committee of the Rajya Sabha for further scrutiny of the proposed legislation.

The Opposition had demanded division on the amendment moved by CPI(M) MP John Brittas for sending the bill to the Select Committee.

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Bhubaneswar Kalita, who was in the Chair, allowed the division of votes and called for closure of the lobbies to move ahead with the voting process.

With several members protesting in the Well of the House, Kalita said the division cannot take place unless MPs are on their allotted seats. As the several MPs of Congress, TMC, DMK, NCP and Left parties kept raising slogans while standing in the Well, Kalita announced that the division cannot be taken up.

“It looks like there is no demand for division (of votes). Majority of members do not want division,” Kalita said, as he moved ahead with the process of passage of the bill.

Officials pointed out that it may be the first stance in recent times that a division of votes was called by the Chair, but was not taken up.

All the amendments were negated and the bill was passed with voice vote. Soon thereafter, the House was adjourned till Tuesday as there was no supplementary agenda.

The Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022 seeks to extend the application of domestic laws to India’s research stations in the Antarctic region.

India has two active research stations in the Antarctic — Maitri and Bharti — where scientists are involved in research.

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