Amazon Quiz: These houses are specific to which northern country?





Answer: Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic island nation located in both the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The least populated nation in Europe is Iceland. Reykjavk, the capital and largest city of Iceland, is where more than 65% of the country’s people live.

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According to the Icelandic Sagas, the first Norseman to arrive in Iceland was a Norwegian named Naddodd (or Naddador), who gave the island the name Snaeland because it was snowing when he arrived in the ninth century. The island was given the name Gararshólmur, which translates to “Garar’s Isle,” after the Swede Garar Svavarsson, who arrived after Naddodd.

The Scandinavian roots of Iceland are the foundation of its culture. The majority of Icelanders are descended from Norse and Gaelic immigrants.

The North Germanic language of Icelandic, which is connected to Faroese, is descended from Old West Norse. Traditional Icelandic cuisine, Icelandic literature, and mediaeval sagas are all part of the nation’s cultural legacy. Iceland is the only NATO country without a standing army and has the smallest population of any NATO member. Instead, it employs a lightly armed coast guard.