Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain, has seen MP after MP resign from
ministerial posts following revelations that Johnson knew Chris Pincher, a
Conservative lawmaker, was being probed for sexual misconduct when he appointed
Pincher to a senior role in the party. The first people to go were UK Health
Secretary Sajid Javid and the country’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (equivalent
of the finance minister) Rishi Sunak. Javid and Sunak’s resignations were
followed by 30 others.

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Amid the
crisis, the media and political observers say Johnson’s ouster is only a matter
of time. As such, there is active speculation on who could replace Boris
Johnson, the man who finally struck upon a Brexit deal after replacing Theresa
May. While Boris’ ouster is far from official, here is a list of Conservative
lawmakers who could replace him if and when he goes.


, 42, is among favourites to take up the British premiership. A former
hedge fund manager, Sunak was discovered and brought in as Chancellor of the
Exchequer by Boris Johnson. A Conservative with strong views in favour of free
market capitalism, Sunak was the one who distributed piles of government cash
among workers and businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rishi Sunak 

While Sunak’s
actions have caused greater government spending, his ideological positioning is
low-tax, small-state conservatism, according to the Time magazine. A social
media star, Rishi Sunak’s popularity was jolted after a tax controversy about
his wife, Akshata Murthy, daughter of Indian billionaire Narayan Murthy. Sunak’s
allegedly slow response to the cost-of-living crisis also caused his popularity
to wane.


, 52, resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2020 after he was asked
to fire some of his senior aides. In 2022, he resigned as health secretary
after allegations arose against Boris Johnson. Javid is now one of the
frontrunners for the prime minister’s post if Boris is to go. An unapologetic
Thatcherite, Javid has a portrait of Margaret Thatcher hanging on his office

Sajid Javid

An Ayn Rand
fan, Javid’s political philosophy relies on individualism, free market
capitalism and a small-state government. When Javid took over the health
secretary post in 2021, he shifted the government’s approach from mass curbs to
individual responsibility.


Mordaunt, 49, has staunch Conservative positions, but was also among those who
openly criticised Boris Johnson for the “partygate scandal”. The minister for
international trade, Boris Johnson has spearheaded UK’s efforts to establish
commerce deals with the United States. Mordaunt is currently the only female lawmaker
in the Royal Navy reserves.

Penny Mordaunt

Mordaunt is
incredibly popular among Conservative loyalists. A recent survey by
Conservative Home, a right-wing blog, found she was the second favourite choice
among grassroots party members.


Liz Truss,
46, the UK Foreign Secretary, has long been tipped as potential leader of the
Conservative party. Her social media presence has made her a favourite among grassroot
Conservatives. Truss has also been at the forefront of Britain’s response to
the Russia-Ukraine war and has also coordinated conversations on the situation
following Brexit with the European Union.

Liz Truss

When Rishi
Sunak and Sajid Javid quit Boris Johnson, Liz Truss stood by the PM. However,
she has for long been laying down the groundwork for a future leadership role
hosting “Fizz with Liz” drink parties for Conservative lawmakers. The Time
magazine said Truss has often attracted comparisons with Margaret Thatcher.


Wallace, 52, remains behind Liz Truss in popularity among Conservatives but the
defence secretary’s role in the Ukraine-Russia crisis has earned him loads of
supporters. A former army captain, Wallace showed his loyalty to PM Boris
Johnson when he arrived alongside him in June’s no-confidence vote.

Ben Wallace

low-profile politician, Ben Wallace has served as junior minister in David
Cameron and Theresa May’s governments. Wallace recently topped the poll of
potential Tory leaders.