As we know always consuming alcohol is not good for us but sometimes it is actually healthy for us. It reduces the risk of developing and dying of heart disease. It can also help reduce your risk of ischemic stroke i.e. when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow. Further, it reduces the risk of diabetes.

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Here are some surprising health benefits of alcohol:

Live a longer life: Some research shows that drinking fairly can increase one’s life span and help to live longer. It was found out that drinking moderately throughout the week was better than drinking blindly and translates to a 25% reduced risk of mortality.

Reduce the risk of heart failure: Drinking blindly can cause serious heart problems, but medium drinking can reduce the risk of heart failure. It was found that moderate drinking can decrease the chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or hardened arteries by 25% to 40%.

Prevents kidney stones: People who drink regularly but in controlled amounts, are at a lowered risk of getting kidney stones. It is because when we drink alcohol it makes us urinate more often so, therefore, keeping our kidneys clear of any crystals that later on form stones.

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Maintains good mental health: Apart from the physical advantages of moderate drinking, there are some psychological benefits of drinking as well. It was found that people who drink quite less are most happier and carefree

Gets you More Active: Moderate drinkers are far more likely to exercise than people who don’t even drink. And they may get more healthy effects from it. On the other side, the more you do exercises, the more likely you are to drink now and then.

So, grab a glass if you want. A drink a day might just keep the doctor away.