Potatoes are the most versatile vegetable in our kitchens. We can always turn potatoes into some or other delicious dish. Also, potatoes are as popular in other cuisines. If you are among those who love anything made of potato, here is a popular recipe for chili garlic potato bites which is relished by people of all ages!

To make this recipe, you need to mash and prepare a potato base, then fry it and mix with flavours of garlic and spices.

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Step 1- Grate the potatoes and keep them aside.

Step 2- Take a pan and heat it, sauté garlic and chili flakes in oil.

Step 3- Now, add rice flour to the pan and allow it to cook for some time.

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Step 4- Pour water into the rice flour and mix it until it becomes a soft dough.

Step 5- Let it cool

Step 6- Make small balls with the dough using your hands.

Step 7- Now deep fry the balls, and once they are crisp, place them in a bowl or a plate and garnish them with cheese and enjoy!