There’s a lot to love about the winter season. The crisp fresh air in the morning, a warm cup of coffee, brunch dates without the sweat and humidity, the hoodies and overcoats, and the cozy nights by the fire. 

But winter also brings with it the persistent, daily struggle of waking up in the morning. No matter how early you sleep, stepping out of the comfort of your bed and blanket is always the hardest part of the day. We snooze, snooze, and then snooze again – hardly leaving any time for breakfast!

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We can convince ourselves all we want, but a cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. It is well known that a wholesome meal kick-starts your metabolism, energises you for the day, and replenishes the blood sugar your body needs. 

The solution, then, for the winter morning struggle, is to have a few quick, easy, and nutritious recipes handy.

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We know of poha as a staple breakfast across households. Dahi poha is a fun take on it, and you can make it within 5 minutes! Take a look at this recipe by NDTV Food.

Here are the ingredients you need:

1. 1 cup poha

2. 1 bowl dahi

3. Jaggery (syrup/grated) as per taste

4. Dry fruits to garnish

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To make it, you follow these steps:

1. Wash the poha in running water

2. Transfer the poha in a bowl of dahi

3. Mix everything together

4. Transfer it to serving bowls and drizzle jaggery

5. Garnish with dry fruits and serve