Drinking coffee has several health benefits but it also has some negative effects on our health. Every coffee lover looks for a perfect cup to start the day. It helps us stay alert, improves our mood, concentration level and increases the efficiency of our brain. Coffee beans have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can cut down the risk of various diseases. But to get these health benefits you will have to brew your cup correctly.

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Benefits of coffee for brain

Coffee contains caffeine which interacts with adenosine receptors and affects our central nervous system. When caffeine binds with these neuroreceptors, it stimulates the central nervous system, which makes us feel alert. Caffeine boosts brain functioning that eventually improves mood, attention, learning ability, reaction time and other mental functions.

You may be a pro in brewing your favourite cup of coffee but you can still make mistakes that can drastically change its taste. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while brewing a cup of coffee. 

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Excessive intake

Health experts recommend a maximum of two cups of coffee per day. More than two 250 ml cups of caffeine can lead to abdominal pain, seizures, raised blood acid levels, irregular or rapid heartbeat, and reduced blood flow to the heart. All of these issues over time can lead to anxiety, insomnia and constant tiredness.

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Adding excess sugar

Refined sugar is full of calories and contains zero nutrients. Addiction to caffeine and excessive refined sugar can be harmful for your health. Consuming excessive sugar may lead to an energy crash, increase the risk of obesity and even diabetes. Try to avoid refined sugar and replace it with healthy alternatives like jaggery. Cinnamon powder can also work as a sweetener for your coffee.

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Taking caffeine after 2 pm

Whenever we feel tired or exhausted we just reach out for a cup of coffee for instant energy and alertness. But coffee after your mid-day meal can disturb your sleep cycle and keep you awake till late at night. Sleeplessness can further have side-effects on your health and may even impact your brain functioning. After lunch you can go for decaf as it contains less caffeine as compared to a regular cup of coffee.

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Storing coffee beans in the refrigerator

Placing coffee beans in the refrigerator doesn’t keep them fresh. Roasted beans have holes in them due to which they absorb moisture and the smell of other food items in the fridge. The best way to store coffee beans is to keep them in an airtight container at room temperature.

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Using boiling water to brew coffee

Using boiling water to make coffee extracts bitterness and acidity from the beans. The perfect temperature is nearly 200 degrees F (93 degrees Celsius). A simple trick to get this temperature is to boil the water, then wait 45 seconds before pouring.