After social media users shared a photograph of a Costa Coffee mural that appeared to show a person with scars under their breasts, the UK’s coffee chain was accused of “promoting mutilation” of females.

The painting, which was made for Pride last year, is opposed by activists who hold the view that gender cannot be changed. The mural encourages breast tissue removal surgery to produce a chest shape more suited to men.

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Laurence Fox, a failed candidate for mayor of London, jumped on the discussion and charged the coffee business with “promoting the mutilation” of young people’s bodies. The nationwide network, which has 13,540 locations, was also urged to be “boycotted out of existence” by the Reclaim Party candidate.

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A Twitter user commented saying, “So you’re admitting Dr W that we’re removing girls healthy breasts to solve a mental health issue? Do we give gastric bands to girls who have anorexia? Gender surgeries are the new lobotomy. Cutting healthy breasts off should not be routine #LeaveOurKidsAlone #BoycottCostaCoffee,” while another posted, “Saw Costa was trending. Turned out it’s because they have an illustration of a trans masc person and all the bigots are losing their minds about trans people existing. Great advertisement for Costa really. Thanks everyone, it’s a lovely illustration.”

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A third Twitter user commented, “I know where I’ll be stopping for my morning cuppa tomorrow morning. Everyone shouting #BoycottCostaCoffee because it “promotes the mutilation of teenage girls” have completely missed the point. Top surgery is a completely routine and normal procedure that helps reduce gender dysphoria in trans men – a debilitating mental health issue that sadly takes so many lives every year. Top surgery doesn’t harm people – it saves lives. Good on @CostaCoffee for being on the right side of history.”