Liz Truss was elected the leader of the Conservative Party on September 5, 2022 and is scheduled to take over Number 10 Downing Street on September 6 after meeting with the Queen.

With her victory secure, congratulations are pouring in from senior Tory leaders including her defeated opponent Rishi Sunak, who tweeted his thanks to those who voted for his campaign, saying that “Conservatives are one family.” He asked that his supporters now rally behind Liz Truss to help steer the country “through difficult times.”

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Boris Johnson who will be leaving Downing Street tomorrow after facing a series of accusations about misconduct during the COVID-19 lockdowns, offered his congratulations. But not before taking about himseld.

Meanwhile, other Conservative party members also heaped congratulations on the 47-year-old former Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs. Dominic Raab, the current Justice Secretary who had been backing Sunak tweeted out his support, saying, “Congratulations @trussliz on being elected leader of the Conservatives, and to @RishiSunak for a well fought campaign. Now, we must all come together to support the new Prime Minister in delivering for the British people.”

Former UK Prime Minister, James Cameron also congratulated the country’s third woman Prime Minister, tweeting out, “Many congratulations to new PM @trussliz. At this time of challenge & global uncertainty, I wish the new government well. I never forget the support I had from all former Conservative leaders when I won the ballot in 2005 & I hope all Conservatives will unite behind the new PM. “

Following Boris Johnson’s resignation because of the scandal regarding “Partygate” when it was revealed that he had held parties at Downing Street during the lockdown during the COVID-19 lockdown. Soon after his resignation, varies leaders within the Tories announced that they would be running for the Prime Minister’s office.

In fact, as one of the people gunning for the Prime Minister’s office, Rishi Sunak was also fined for his involvement and presence at the party. 

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In her victory speech a visibly nervous Truss said that she had “campaigned as a Conservative” and that she would “govern as a Conservative”. Additionally, she mentioned that she would be working towards dealing with the ongoing energy crisis and that she will be “dealing with the long-term issues we have on energy supply.” While wrapping up her victory speech Truss said that she would deliver a “great victory” in 2024, signalling that she wants to hold off on snap polls until the general elections. 

Despite her extra-marital affair with Tory MP Mark Field from 2004 to 2005 nearly ruining her career in politics, Truss has managed to go from political strength to political strength. She began her ministerial career back in 2012, moving upwards to more and more important positions within the UK government.