Father’s Day is observed on various dates around the world, but in the majority of nations, including the US, it always falls on the third Sunday in June. It will be observed on June 18 this year. Let us take a closer look at the history and importance of this day.

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Father’s Day History:

In remembrance of William Smart, Father’s Day celebrations were first observed in the US more than a century ago. Sonora Smart Dodd, his daughter, was inspired by Anna Jarvis’s creation of Mother’s Day and proposed designating William’s birthday, June 5, as Father’s Day.

However, because her original requests to the church and her pastor were denied, the date was changed to the third Sunday of June each year. In honor of her Civil War veteran father, who had raised six children on his own, Dodd was able to establish Father’s Day in 1910 after much deliberation and support from the community.

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The ceremony gained such a following in just six years that, in Spokane, Washington, Dodd’s hometown, US President Woodrow Wilson declared it an official holiday in 1916. Today, Father’s Day is regarded as a national holiday in various nations, including Spain and Lithuania.

Father’s Day Significance:

Father’s Day is a significant holiday that honors fathers and their contributions to our lives. The day encapsulates what paternal love, guidance, and support bring to our lives. It serves as a reminder to respect and value the sacrifices made by parents on behalf of their children. Father’s Day gives us the chance to show our appreciation for fathers, foster the relationship between them and their offspring, and recognize their vital contributions.

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It’s a good moment to consider how fathers have helped to mold our lives, promote growth, and instill principles. This unique day honors the indispensable role fathers play in our lives and the significant impact they have on our growth and development.