King Charles III and Queen Camilla were formally crowned on May 6, 2023, during his eagerly awaited coronation ceremony. Two of Katy Perry’s outfits are thought to have honored Princess Diana at the coronation.

The first ensemble had a short-sleeved jacket, a matching skirt, and an eye-catching hat. Perry finished the set with a Granny Frame Pearl Handbag and a Three Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker from Vivienne Westwood.

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Following her entrance, onlookers were happy to draw comparisons between the singer’s attire and one worn by the late Princess Diana in 1997 while visiting the United States. Both outfits had a matching lilac jacket and skirt as well as a pearl necklace.

Perry’s second outfit from after King Charles III’s ceremony consisted of a checkered skirt and top which was again similar to one of Diana’s black and white checkered outfits. Perry paired this fit with a pink bag and boots.

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Many people on social media commented on what seemed to be an homage to the late princess. One supporter wrote: “Katy Perry is pulling a Princess Diana. She understood the assignment.” Another person responded with, “SUPERSTAR KATY PERRY THATS RIGHT.” 

A third fan expressed hopes for a new album in a tweet saying, “Would be a world if mommy announces her new album in coronation”

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However, many others were not impressed by Perry’s appearance or performance, with one person saying, “Did anyone besides me think her outfit for the coronation was awful? Dress too tight. Pulled across her body. This ceremony isn’t entertainment it’s religious,” while another tweeted, “She is a terrible singer! Only saved by auto-tune and heavy production”

A third person said, “She looks like a clown and had the audacity to criticize Meghan’s wedding dress,” while someone else says, “I don’t think she deserved a seat in the Abbey at all, should have gone to a charity worker.”