Traditionally, a series of royals and peers would have kneeled before the new king, swore fealty, and kissed his right hand in respect. The only Royal Duke to kneel and offer respects to King Charles was Prince William.

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As he’s not a working royal, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, was not required to pay tribute as a blood prince. In a video, Harry can be seen gazing carefully as the archbishop raises the St Edward’s Crown above his father’s head before crowning him.

“I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge my loyalty to you and faith and truth I will bear unto you, as your liege man of life and limb. So help me God,” Prince William stated, kneeling to his father and the King.

William’s act of tribute caused an emotional exchange between the King and Prince of Wales. After his pledge of loyalty, Prince William gave King Charles a kiss on the cheek.

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An emotional King Charles replied “Thank you, William.”

He then got to his feet, felt the crown, and kissed his dad on the cheek. The King nodded and seemed to speak a few words to his son, showing that he was moved by his son’s gestures.

And the Mirror was informed by a trained lip reader that Charles said, “Thank you, William.”

According to body language specialist Judi James, the two looked to have made “a pact to avoid too much eye contact” in order to prevent Charles from becoming “overwhelmed with emotion.”

In addition, when he moved along the nave of the abbey, he smiled and nodded to visitors.

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It is assumed that the prince dressed a dark morning suit and tie because that is what he was requested to do.

Harry, though, was appointed a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in 2015 by the late Queen. This implies that he would be qualified to don the bright blue cloak of the order.