Israel on Wednesday said it had recorded the presence of a new variant of Coronavirus in the country. Health experts of Israel found the new COVID variant in two patients. This came as a shock to the world which has just started to return to normal life. The revelation came at a time when China is witnessing a massive surge of COVID-19 cases. Omicron, the most transmissible variant of SARS-CoV-2 so far, was detected in South Africa last year.

“This variant is still unknown around the world,” the ministry statement read.

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Here are 5 important things to know about the new variant:

What is the new variant?

The new variant is a combination of two sub-variants of the omicron variant of the Coronavirus- BA.1 and BA.2. And improvised version of the virus combining two sub variants have also been found before as in case of “Deltacron”- that combined Delta and omicron variants.

What are its symptoms?

Israeli health experts have taken the two patients – both teenagers – for a special case study to understand its symptoms and possible medication to help them recover. The symptoms observed till now were mild- fever, headaches and muscle dystrophy.

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Where was the new variant detected?

The variant was of the Coronavirus was detected in two passengers who had arrived at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport. The variant was detected through PCR tests. As Israeli researchers are having a look into the variant, the origin of the virus is not yet ascertained.

What did Israel say about the variant?

“The phenomenon of combined variants is well known,” Israel’s COVID response head Salman Zarka said. “At this stage, we are not worried about it leading to serious cases,” he added, thus assuring the world that there is nothing much to worry about the new variant at this stage.

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Second variant found in Israel

Earlier in January, Israel had apprised the world that it found the first case of “florona” disease, a double infection of COVID-19 and influenza. So, it was the second time that the country discovered a Coronavirus variant.