Jung Ho-Seok is popularly known by his stage name J-Hope. There’s a myth associated with the Pandora’s box — when it was opened, all the evil and bad was released in the world and the last thing that was left was hope.

This is the reason why J-Hope includes the word ‘Hope’ in his name to tell all his fans that at the end, there is always hope for everything. 

He is one of the lead singers, rappers and dancers of the BTS (Bangton Boys) band famous amongst his fans for writing songs on self-love, facing your fears, learning and unlearning things.

On the occasion of his birthday, here are some facts about J-Hope not known to many:

1. His biggest motivator has always been his mother. Since J-Hope’s father was against the decision of him becoming a dancer, his mother decided to support him. She worked in a different country to support J-Hope financially. He had released an entire song ‘Mama’ for his mother’s love.

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2. He was an underground dancer before joining the company Big Hit Entertainment, the company that manages BTS, also known as the Bangton Boys. 

3. J-Hope is extremely grateful to his ARMY fans. Once on the stage, he couldn’t hold back his tears when he realized that he had become a son whose parents are proud of him today. He showed immense amount of gratitude and love.

4. He made history by appearing on the Billboard 200, one amongst the 5 South Korean soloists. His mixtape tracks such as ‘Daydream’, ‘Hope World’ and ‘Hangsang’ ranked on the US Top Rap Albums chat. The ranking kept changing, moving forward to top positions and his work was appreciated all over the world.

5. After Psy, he’s the second soloist Korean artist to get a place on the Artist 100 chart.

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6. He also collaborated with American singer Becky G. and released, ‘chicken noodle soup’ on 27th Sept 2019. The song had 9.7 million streams and 11,000 downloads that again made the artist the first member of BTS to be on the HOT 100 chart. 

7. J-Hope has been awarded the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by South Korea president Moon Jae-in.

8.  In his first fan meeting, J-Hope confessed how important and beautiful it is for him to talk to his fans.

“I think a flower is beautiful when it blooms and fades, I will be a flower-like singer for all of you.”

9. There are plenty of ‘J-Hope Fansites’ made by his fans on Twitter. His family and media call him ‘sunshine’ and ‘a ball of positivity’ because he has a very warm smile and he’s very welcoming. 

10. In an interview held by the Indonesian brand Tokopedia, J-Hope tells the interviewer the reason behind his energy and positivity.

He said, “For me, I think it comes from people who cheer me on after they enjoy watching me dance.”

J-Hope’s exceptional energy, the one with vibrancy and happiness both off-screen and on-screen is because of the love and support of the ARMY received by him during his concerts and shows.