KBC 14: Where is the highest motorable road in the world located?


A) Potosi, Bolivia

B) Ladakh, India

C) Val Thorens, France

D) Guizhou, China

Answer: Ladakh, India

The highest motorable road in the world is located in Umling la, which is in Ladakh, India. The road is at a height of 19,300 feet and runs along the Line of Actual Control. It was part of Project Himank, which was completed by India’s Border Roads Organisation in 1985.

The road is roughly 85 kilometers long and connects the Chisumle and Demchok villages in Ladakh. Project Himank also created the Srinagar-to -Leh highway in May 1999, which played a crucial rule in India’s battle for Kargil.

The motorable road also serves as an important path for the Indian military, connecting sensitive areas like in northern parts of the country. The highest motorable road has also been a key tourist attraction in Ladakh. 

Thousands of tourists travel to Umling la seeking adventure. It is a popular destination for biking groups. However, the road is barely accessible during the winters and is sealed shut by border management authorities.

The highest motorable road is also known for its witty road signs, photos of which often make it to the social media accounts of visitors. These humours sign boards were also installed in the Himank Project. 

Some of the signboards read:

“I am curvacious, but please take me slowly.”

“Let your insurance policy mature before you.”

“Do not be a Gama in the land of Lama.”

“Feel the curves / Do not test them.”

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