Moondust recovered from the Soviet Union’s last successful lunar mission is up for sale over at Moments In Time. Interested buyers will have to pay a whooping $1,250,000 for three small pieces.

In 1976, the lunar soil sample pieces were collected from the moon when the USSR sent their Luna 24 mission into space. The probe landed near Mare Crisium, an unexplored area on the Moon, and drilled two meters into its soil to collect 170 grams of moondust.

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The Luna 24 mission was the last lunar spacecraft launched by the Soviet Union. It was the last from any country to make a soft landing on Earth.

Here’s all you need to know:

According to a TMZ report, these moondust particles are the only Luna 24 material entrusted to private hands. In 1976, they were presented to Soviet First Secretary Leonid Brezhnev on his 70th birthday. After his death, the moondust went to his daughter, who subsequently passed the lunar soil particles to a private collector.

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With the $1.25 million purchase, the buyer gets moondust, a scale model of Luna 24, and a magnifying glass for an up-close look.

Luna 24 was a robotic probe. It was the third USSR mission to return lunar soil samples from the Moon. Luna 16 and Luna 20 were the first two sample return missions.

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A paper published in February 1978 by Soviet scientists M Akhmanova, B Dement’ev, and M Markov of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytic Chemistry claimed a fairly definitive detection of water. Their research showed that the sample returned to Earth contained around 0.1% water by mass, as seen in infrared absorption spectroscopy, at a detection level around 10 times above the threshold.