A man from Spondon, Derby, is making headlines for refusing to bow down to an industrial estate project that is being built around his home of 45 years. 

Peter Ambler is the last resident in the street that has now been taken up the $370 million, 155-acre SmartParc project in Spondon. While his home is now blocked by construction all around, he is determined to not leave the place anytime soon.

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Who is Peter Ambler? 

Peter Ambler is a 77-year-old man from Spondon, Derby, United Kingdom. He is a former tyre business owner who told The Daily Mail that he lives a ‘simple life’, feeding the birds that flock to his garden and also owls, foxes, badgers and wild cats in a field behind his home. 

The report says that there were four houses on Holme Lane- the road on which Ambler’s house stands. Two of the houses were demolished due to the project, while the other one has been unoccupied for 15 years after the death of the owner. 

“They want me gone. They’ve put a gatehouse for one of the big food units directly opposite my house. It looks straight into my room.” Ambler said. 

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“I’ve got everything I want here. I am content. You can’t put a price on that. I have a lot of happy memories here.”

“It’s very difficult for me to get out now. The security guards have to move the barriers. And I don’t get Amazon deliveries because there is a ‘road closed, no access’ sign at the top of the road, so drivers see that and just turn around and leave,” he continued.

“And they’ve offered me money – about £60,000 – to move, but I don’t want it. Money’s no good. It doesn’t buy happiness. And you can barely buy a toilet for that nowadays.”