In Washington, DC, the Cannon rotunda at the US Capitol was inundated with hundreds of demonstrators who were fervently demanding an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. This protest drew the participation of thousands more individuals who gathered outside the Capitol building, expressing their solidarity with the cause.

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Numerous online videos captured the sizable crowd, some of whom were seated on the rotunda’s floor, while others waved a prominent banner bearing the words “Jews say ceasefire now.” These demonstrators vocalized their demands through chants and slogans, underlining the urgency of ending the hostilities.

Furthermore, individuals on the balcony of the rotunda also joined the protest, displaying banners advocating for a ceasefire. One such banner conveyed the message, “mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living.”

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A distinctive aspect of this gathering was the attire of many participants, with a significant number donning traditional Jewish clothing, including the Tallit prayer shawls and Kippahs. Others sported black t-shirts featuring the unequivocal statement, “not in our name.”

Despite the apparent peaceful nature of the protest, Capitol police soon took action to detain several demonstrators, as the number of participants appeared to have grown during the course of the event. The demonstration highlighted the deep concerns and impassioned calls for a ceasefire amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.