Officials in San Luis, Mexico just confirmed they have arrested a suspect in connection to a fatal arson attack at the Beer House Cantina bar.

After comparing the suspect’s car to the one seen on the security footage outside the bar, authorities claimed they were able to locate the culprit. They claimed that despite his attempts to flee, authorities were able to apprehend him.

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One of the victims’ age was confirmed by officials to be 17 years old. They also confirmed that one of the victims is an American citizen, but it’s possible that she holds dual citizenship.

An arson fire in San Luis, Mexico, resulted in eleven fatalities and six injuries.

The culprit, who was allegedly ejected out of the Beer House Cantina bar shortly after 1 a.m. on Saturday, splashed petrol in its front and torched it with a blowtorch, according to Sonora’s district attorney.

One block from the border, on 6th Street, is the Beer House Cantina.

According to officials, the suspect was making trouble with a number of the bar’s customers, which is why he was ejected.

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Yuma Regional Medical Centre (YRMC) said in a press release that three patients were admitted early on Saturday morning.

According to YRMC, one patient has been admitted to the hospital and two patients are being transferred to other hospitals.

Three other victims were hospitalized in San Luis, Mexico and are in stable condition.

The victims have not been identified.