When Liz Truss formally assumes the position of prime minister of the United Kingdom, Priti Patel, the Home Secretary or interior minister, stated on Monday that she will step down.

Her resignation comes shortly after it was announced that Truss would succeed Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party. On Tuesday, Truss will start her new role. 

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In her letter of resignation to the outgoing prime minister, Boris Johnson, which she posted on Twitter, Patel said, “I congratulate Liz Truss on being elected our new Leader, and will give her my support as our new Prime Minister.”

“It is my choice to continue my public service to the country and the Witham constituency from the backbenches, once Liz formally assumes office and a new Home Secretary is appointed,” Patel added.

The Conservative Party’s new leader Liz Truss has been the nation’s foreign minister for the past 12 months. She will be sworn in as the new prime minister by Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday afternoon.

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The verdict was determined after a protracted nationwide vote by party activists this summer. Truss will succeed Johnson as the fourth prime minister of the country during a turbulent six-year period.

Only three women have ever served as prime minister, and this will mark the third occasion in recent years that it has done so without a nationwide general election.

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Truss promised, “I will provide a bold plan to cut taxes and build our economy,” in her victory address. She also indicated that she will handle issues like the National Health Service and rising energy bills.