Pro-Palestine demonstrators blocked London’s Waterloo station in an attempt to force a truce in Gaza. Protesters voiced their concerns about the ongoing conflict and called for an end to hostilities in the Gaza Strip. 

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The purpose of the protest at Waterloo Station was to raise awareness of the issue and demand that international action be taken to bring about a ceasefire in the area. In the video, it can be seen protesters chanting, “Ceasefire now,” urging Israel to stop military operations in Gaza.

Thousands of people participated in several protests that were held in London on Saturday, November 18. Two pro-Palestinian demonstrations were confirmed by the Metropolitan Police, who had police stationed in Camden and Islington.

The protest in Camden came to an end at Eversholt Street, causing traffic jams because of the large number of participants. Drivers were warned by the police to take detours.

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A second pro-Palestine demonstration happened at Highbury Corner in Islington. According to the Metropolitan Police, there were officers on duty and nothing to be concerned about at the time.

In addition, the police reported that about 250 people had participated in a different demonstration organized by the climate change advocacy organization Just Stop Oil, which was marching from the South Bank towards Blackfriars Bridge.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the protesters in Parliament Square are thought to be a mix of Just Stop Oil activists and pro-Palestine protestors.

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Just Stop Oil, a group that supports a ceasefire in Gaza, confirmed that they were present at the Waterloo station sit-in.

The group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators that were first cleared from Waterloo reportedly proceeded to Westminster Bridge and squatted on the street, according to the Metropolitan Police. The demonstrators on Westminster Bridge got up when police approached them, and they are now on the pavement in Parliament Square.