Chinese actor Li Yifeng, best known for his roles in films like The Pioneer, Mr. Six, and The Founding of an Army was arrested by the Beijing police on the charges of soliciting prostitutes. The actor is in administrative detention for 15 days and further action will be taken upon investigation.

Beijing Police issued an official statement regarding the arrest of Li Yifeng and the statement read, “The person confessed to visiting prostitutes multiple times and has been placed under administrative detention.”

This 35-year-old actor was the brand ambassador of many luxury brands including Prada, Remy Martin, Panerai and L’Oreal Paris. Some of these global brands like Prada, Panerai and Remy Martin issued statements about the removal of Li Yifeng as their brand ambassador and breaking all contractual ties following the controversy. 

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Li Yifeng has been accused of visiting and hiring sex workers which is illegal in China. The government is taking actions to curb the “chaotic fan culture” and the Chinese authorities are keeping a close eye on the celebrities from the entertainment industry. 

Last year Singer Kris Wu, actress Zheng Shuang and pianist Li Yundi were also arrested on the charges of gang rape, tax evasion and visiting sex workers respectively.

The China Television Artists Association also released an official statement on Monday and it stated, “We solemnly call on the vast number of TV art workers to regard morality and art as their life’s homework. No matter what achievements you have made, if you don’t keep yourself clean, the so-called fame will disappear, and the so-called future will be ruined.”

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Li Yifeng is a Chinese actor and singer, who earned recognition after participating in the 2007 My Hero contest. He started his career as a singer in 2007 with the album Four Leaf Clover. The actor also played the role of revolutionary leader Mao Zedong in a 2021 biopic to mark the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party. He is also very popular on the Chinese social media platform Weibo with 60 million followers.