Demonstrators gather at the Israeli Embassy in Istanbul, condemning the Israeli airstrike on Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

Protests have erupted at the Israeli Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, following the Israeli bombing on Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which resulted in the terrible deaths of over 500 Palestinians. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly condemned the incident and urged humanity to respond to what he described as a “unprecedented atrocity in Gaza.”

Watch the video below:

Erdogan expressed profound worry, noting that bombing a hospital including women, children, and innocent civilians is a grave breach of core human values. He encouraged the international community to work together to prevent additional civilian casualties in Gaza.

President of Turkey (x/sprinter998000)
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The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza reported a large number of casualties, with many people still buried beneath the wreckage. The strike on Al Ahli Baptist Hospital has been termed a “war crime” by Gaza’s Hamas government’s propaganda office. The hospital was providing care to hundreds of ill and wounded individuals and those forcibly displaced from their homes due to earlier strikes.

Fahrettin Altun, Turkey’s Communications Director, stressed the significance of such acts, labeling them a “grave crime.” He demanded that Israel halt its bombing of Gaza and called for an immediate end to aggression against civilians, particularly women and the elderly.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs likewise strongly condemned the “barbaric attack” on Al Ahli Baptist Hospital, expressing condolences to the Palestinian victims and wished the injured a swift recovery. The Ministry emphasized the importance of accountability under international law for those who directly target civilians, attack hospitals and schools, and urged humanity’s conscience to address these violations.

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According to an official statement, the Israeli military is still gathering information on the hospital and school attacks. The situation in Gaza remains terrible, with health officials reporting a significant death toll from Israel’s 11-day assault. These events take place during the visits of US Vice President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the region.

International reactions to the incident have been swift, with calls for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council by Russia and the UAE to address the situation.

The video footage capturing the Israeli Embassy protests in Istanbul reflects the growing global concern over the escalation of violence in the region.