In a display of discrimination, the Ragmen Sahaf bookstore in Istanbul, Turkey, recently sparked controversy by hanging a sign that read “Jews not allowed.”

This incident has raised concerns and drawn widespread condemnation, especially in the wake of heightened tensions following Israel’s military actions against Hamas. The board’s message has ignited debates about the rise of anti-Semitism and prejudice in various parts of the world.

This discriminatory behavior of the Ragmen Sahaf is not only illegal and anti-Semitic, but also reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The troubling development comes on the heels of Israel’s defensive measures in response to the tragic loss of civilian lives in southern Israel, an event that US President Joe Biden referred to as “the most devastating massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust.” However, the display of the discriminatory sign at the Ragmen Sahaf bookstore is an independent action that has sparked outrage and dismay among the global community.

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The bookstore has faced swift backlash and criticism from various organizations and individuals advocating for equality and human rights. The incident has also prompted discussions about the importance of fostering inclusivity and tolerance, particularly in times of heightened political and social tensions.