A Royal Guard at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin has collapsed, as per a BBC video circulated by the news outlet, RawsAlerts.

In the video, one of the guards can be seen falling suddenly, as others rush to his aid. Many on Twitter commented that the guard must have locked his knees. 

Another lamented how Royal guards are made to stand around and often taunted. The queen, who died aged 96, has been the longest-serving monarch of England and her coffin has been taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall for the funeral. 

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A couple of days back, Daily Mail reported that a member of the Royal Company of Archers, in Scotland, had collapsed while the queen’s body was being taken out of Edingburgh’s St Giles’ Cathedral.

As per the news outlet, the company of archers had been waiting to march alongside the queen’s coffin, when one member felt dizzy and collapsed into his colleague, prompting others in his unit to provide aid. The man was later seen seated behind a statue, his hat in hands, Daily Mail reported. 

The Royal Company of Archers was the queen’s official bodyguard, whenever she was in Scotland, and will now be the king’s official Scottish bodyguard, now that Charles has taken over. 

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The deceased monarch’s funeral will see several foreign dignitaries arrive in London, making it a security hassle for all authorities. Measures have been put in place but substantial risk of a terrorist attack remains. The queen died at Balmoral, her ancestral Scottish home, where she’d retreated in the final days of her life, even appointing Liz Truss as the new British PM from her Scottish place – breaking the tradition of doing it from Buckingham Palace.  

Reports of the queen’s decaying health had been doing the rounds before doctors voiced concerns and her family gathered to be with the royal family member, before her demise.