Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a partial mobilisation of 300,000 troops, many citizens fled the country and the British Ministry of Defence on Thursday, September 29, said that the country is probably facing a “brain drain” and shortage of workers.

As per the daily intelligence update of the British defence department, the subsequent week following Putin’s announcement of the partial mobilisation, a mass exodus of Russians has taken place, who is leaving the country to avoid a call-up.

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The ministry has also added that the precise figure of Russian residents who have fled the country to avoid a call-up is not clear, however, it also added that the number is likely to be more than the number of soldiers used in the Ukraine war since it began earlier this year.

“When combined with those reservists who are being mobilised, the domestic economic impact of reduced availability of labour, and the acceleration of ‘brain drain’ is likely to become increasingly significant,” the ministry’s daily report read.

Russian citizens have fled the country using cars, trains and flights to neighbouring countries, especially in central Asia since the mobilisation was announced on September 21.

Footages of huge traffic in the Russian borders with different countries have surfaced on social media platforms. One such traffic on the Russia-Georgia border, extended to 10 miles on September 27, Maxar Technologies, a US-based company that was in charge of taking satellite images of the traffic revealed.

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Vladimir Putin, in his partial mobilisation announcement, accused the west of blackmailing Russia with nuclear weapons. He also warned the west that his country will be using all means to defend its borders, indicating the usage of nuclear armaments.

Hours after Putin’s announcement, US President Joe Biden launched a scathing attack against Vladimir Putin and Russia at the United Nations General Assembly, accusing the country of violating the UN charter shamelessly and urging world leaders to take note of it.