The Taliban have banned female employees from entering the Ministry of Women Affairs in Kabul, an employee of the ministry said. He further added that only makes will be allowed into the building. Following this, the women employee are reportedly planning to protest the decision.

“Four women were not allowed to enter the building”, news agency ANI quoted Sputnik news agency as reporting.

The Taliban, on August 15, 2021, took control of Afghanistan yet again after 20 years. After the takeover, experts are of the opinion that afghan women are most likely to face an uncertain situation under the militant group.

In the Taliban’s previous rule, the ultraconservative Islamic regime saw regular stoning, amputations and public executions on a daily basis. Under the Taliban, women were mostly confined to their homes as they followed rules that had harsh interpretations of Islamic law.

Last month, the United States completed the withdrawal of its troop from the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. This marked the end of one of its longest wars. This withdrawal allowed the Taliban to sweep in, swiftly and take control of the war-torn nation.

The Taliban, in its first-ever press conference, among other assurances said that the group will provide the women with their rights within Islam.

“Taliban are committed to providing women with their rights based on Islam. Women can work in the health sector and other sectors where they are needed. There will be no discrimination against women,” said Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid had said.

After coming to power last month, the militant group announced a ban on coeducation soon after they announced its interim government, which did not have any women in the ranks.

“We will not allow boys and girls to study together. We will not allow co-education.” Also, there will be a thorough review of the subjects being taught,” the Taliban said.