The Pentagon is considering options to train Ukraine’s forces to use equipment that the US is providing, including Switchblade drones, according to a senior defense official.

Addressing reporters on Wednesday, the official added that the US troops who have been deployed to NATO’s eastern flank might be a part of some training sessions in the near future.

The Pentagon was considering “a range of options” to train Ukraine on the Switchblade drones and other military systems, on top of the training that has happened with Ukrainians who were in the US due to previously scheduled engagements, according to the official, CNN reported.

The defense official added that the troops on NATO’s eastern wing could be one option, however, no solid decisions have been made yet.

“We have absolutely added to our ability in these eastern flank countries,” the official told reporters on Wednesday.

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“Soldiers with various sets of capabilities and various professional skills, whether it’s artillery, long-range missiles, air defense, infantry, armor — you name it. And so if there’s a need for additional training to be done on any systems that are provided to Ukraine, we will look at a range of options for how that training would have to be delivered,” the official added. 

Furthermore, the official stated that the US continues to witness  “significant morale issues” among Russian troops.

The official also said that the United States has recent proof that Russian forces have been “disillusioned by this war, weren’t properly informed, weren’t properly trained, weren’t ready, not just physically, but weren’t ready mentally for what they were about to do,” and that Russian military officers are “frustrated with their troops’ performance, frustrated with their colleagues’ performance.”

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The US defense official also told reporters that almost half of the invading Russian forces are “conscripts who don’t receive a lot of training.”

“So, there still are morale and unit cohesion problems that are bedeviling the Russians even as they now try to refit, resupply, and focus on a more concentrated geographic area,” the official added.