Clayton Bartolo, tourism minister of Malta, announced on Friday, April 8, that the country plans to give its foreign visitors a handout of up to 200 euros ($238.10) if they stay for at least three days on the Mediterranean island this summer.

Malta, which is known for its beautiful landscape and warm climate, is a set of an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

As per the World Travel and Tourism council data, 27 % of Malta’s economy, directly and indirectly, comes from the tourist industry. In the year 2019, Malta attracted 2.7 million foreign visitors but as the COVID-19 hit the world the numbers have dropped down by 80 %.

Bartolo said that most of the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted by June 1 and tourist booking summer holidays directly through local hotels would receive the handout.

He further added that tourist booking accommodation at a five-star hotel will euro 100 from Malta’s tourist authority which will be matched by the hotel for the total of euro 200.

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Malta took all the precaution and the COVID-19 cases dropped sharply and the government has also been urging the EU to introduce vaccine passport to facilitate travel. Among all the European Union Malta has the highest virus vaccination rate. At least one dose of vaccine has already been given to 42% of adults.