The new concept of 15 minutes cities is sparking outrage over viral social media platform, TikTok. Videos are widely shared expressing concerns over UN’s attempt to lower environment pollution with this interesting but controversial project.

Many local councils have already refused to implement the 15-minute city theory. Particularly the far-right TikTok users have called it out for being an imposition on the public without their consent. TikTokers have given this scheme a nickname as well, “climate lockdowns”.

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What are 15-minute cities?

Franco-Columbian scientist Carlos Moreno first presented the concept in 2016. He believed that humanity is forced to live with “absurd organization and long distances” in the modern times. He came up with the idea of dividing the city of Paris into small segments wherein residents have access to all of their needs within 15 minute of their home.

Basically, the urban design concept is supposed to improve accessibility. It proposes to decrease pollution by restricting movement of natives for their essentials outside a 15-minute radius. The concept is supported by the fact that all the essential care items any resident needs will be available in their neighborhood which can be covered by foot or cycle in 15 minutes.

So far, Melbourne, Madrid, Shanghai, Ottawa, and Seattle are among the cities hoping to create this futuristic idea their reality. However, the idea is objected by many around the world.

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Political commentator and TikTok “theorist”, Katie Hopkins, projected that the UK government might be using the concept to divide the population into six sections. She also suggested that people will not be allowed to leave their neighborhood or zones without a permit. She used the example of Oxford, England to support her claim. However, Oxford council has shut down the false rumors of the concept being a “climate lockdown”.