US authorities have arrested four more suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. The 53-year-old was shot on July 7, 2021. A group of 28 foreign mercenaries, mostly Colombians, are alleged to be responsible for the killing.

Antonio ‘Tony’ Intriago, Arcangel Pretel Ortiz, Walter Veintemilla, and Frederick Joseph Bergmann Jr are the four suspects arrested by US authorities.

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Who are the four suspects in the President’s assassination?

Antonio Intriago, 59, is the owner of CTU Security. He has been charged with conspiracy to kill or kidnap a person outside the US among other charges. Arcangel Pretel Ortiz, 50, is a Colombian-born resident of the U.S. and a CTU company representative.

Walter Veintemilla, 54, is a Florida-based financier. He has been accused of funding the operation. The fourth suspect, Frederick Joseph Bergmann Jr., 64, is accused of smuggling goods including 20 CTU-branded ballistic vests disguised as medical X-ray vests and school supplies. Veintemilla would enter a not-guilty plea to both allegations, according to his attorney Tama Kudman, who spoke to The Associated Press.

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The July 2021 attempt, which police claim was initially intended to be a revolt rather than an assassination, is believed to have been carried out by a group of ex-Colombian soldiers hired by CTU. The attack’s motivations and final planners are still unknown.

There are currently 11 suspects in American custody, including significant figures like James Solages and Joseph Vincent. After Moise was shot 12 times at his home, these two Haitian-Americans were one of the first people to be detained. Among the other suspects is Christian Emmanuel Sanon – a pastor and unsuccessful businessman who, according to his acquaintances, was deceived by the real schemers who have not yet been caught.

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Both, John Jol Joseph, a former senator from Haiti who escaped to Jamaica, and Rodolphe Jaar, a former American government agent who was deported from the Dominican Republic are also currently in custody.