An Irish woman named Kim Damti, who holds dual Irish and Israeli citizenship, has been reported missing following the surprise attacks in Israel by Hamas militants on Saturday morning. Damti was attending a rave when the attack occurred.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that they are aware of the case and are in contact with the family, providing consular assistance. Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar expressed the government’s awareness of the situation and willingness to offer consular assistance to Irish citizens and dual Irish citizens affected by the attacks.

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Who is Kim Damti?

According to reports, Kim Damti, who is 22 years old, was attending an outdoor rave near the Gaza border when the first rocket barrage hit at around 7 am. After the attack began, hundreds of terrified young people at the rave fled for their lives as Hamas militants entered the area and started firing.

Kim Damti’s mother, Jennifer, stated that her daughter’s name initially appeared on a list of individuals who had reached safety, but she was not on the buses that evacuated people from the rave. Jennifer described her daughter as a “brilliant” and “happy” individual.

Kim Damti was born in Israel and resides in the town of Gadera with her four siblings. Her family has spent summers in Ireland, where her mother is originally from.

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The attack on Saturday involved Hamas and Islamic Jihad firing thousands of rockets from Gaza, with armed militants breaching the hi-tech barriers surrounding the Gaza Strip to enter Israel, where they shot and took hostages. The exact motivations behind the attack are not clear, but there has been escalating violence for months between Israeli soldiers and settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank.

Tánaiste Micheál Martin, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, has also acknowledged the case of the Irish-Israeli citizen who is missing after the attack by Hamas.