On the morning of October 7, 2023, Israel was subjected to a barrage of missile attacks. Simultaneously, terrorists descended upon a music festival promoting peace via paragliders. The festival was a joyful gathering, where hundreds of attendees came together to dance, sing, and celebrate life under the vibrant lights and music. Tragically, within moments, this celebration was marred by an attack perpetrated by Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist group, resulting in the loss of many innocent lives. In response to this horrific event, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas.

Among the survivors, Laura Malo shared her harrowing experience with Fox News Digital.

Who is Laura Malo?

Laura, originally from Colombia but now residing in Israel, was one of the fortunate individuals who narrowly escaped the festival attack.

Recognizing that this attack was unlike previous conflicts between Israel and Hamas, Laura and her friend hastily fled the scene in their car, desperately seeking safety. Consulting her phone for guidance, Laura identified a single path to a nearby town. As they reached a kibbutz, relief washed over them upon spotting a soldier. However, this relief was short-lived, as the soldier unexpectedly began shooting at them. Laura couldn’t discern whether the soldier belonged to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) or Hamas, but she quickly realized he intended to harm them. Faced with imminent danger, they veered away from the gunfire.

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Their escape led to a car accident, forcing Laura and her friend to continue on foot. They traversed difficult terrain, hiding in an abandoned greenhouse for 16 agonizing hours without sustenance. Laura described the intense fear that enveloped them, recounting moments when she felt she might not survive.

Hiding within the fragile confines of the greenhouse, they could hear the ongoing terror outside: gunshots, motorcycles carrying terrorists, and missiles in close proximity. Laura reached a point where she felt compelled to make a final call to her parents, fearing she might not make it out alive.

Miraculously, Laura and her friend survived their ordeal. She expressed gratitude for being alive, attributing it to a higher power. Despite the horrifying scenes they had witnessed, with Hamas terrorists targeting festival attendees, they managed to return to their car when the situation outside allowed. Laura urgently contacted the police, who, unfortunately, could not immediately rescue them due to the ongoing terrorist attack in Israel. She was advised to hide and stay indoors. In the dark of night, Laura and her friend embarked on a four- to five-hour journey to reach safety, a journey filled with fear and uncertainty.

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Laura had attended the music festival, Tribe of Nova, with friends. As a passionate DJ, she expressed her deep connection to music. While she acknowledged the need for a break from festivals and concerts in light of her traumatic experience, she held out hope that she would attend such events again in the future.

Today, Laura continues to live in fear, reacting with anxiety to sirens and the sound of missiles. She remains separated from her parents, her work, and her home. In her message to the Jewish community, she appeals for unity in the face of adversity.