A music festival reveler in Israel had to hide under dead bodies for seven hours when Hamas terrorists infiltrated the rave and started killing partygoers at the event.

Who is Lee Sasi?

Lee Sasi, the reveler who lived to tell the horrific tale, said that she was attending the all-night rave, which had a crowd of about 3,000 and mostly comprised of young Israelis when Hamas launched their surprise attack Saturday morning. When the terrorists opened fire, festival attendees ran for their lives and tried to take cover in orchards.

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The shooting continued for hours. Sasi and about 35 others had taken cover in a bomb shelter. However, their hideout spot was discovered by Hamas fighters, who began shooting into the bunker at random.

Only 10 people ended up surviving out of those hiding in the bunker and Sasi was one of them. She later recalled surviving the attack to a friend by hiding under dead bodies for hours. The messages sent by Sasi to the friend were shared with i24news reporter Natasha Raquel Kirtchuk Gutman on Instagram.

Sasi also shared a video that showed people crammed into a tight space, and some hiding under the bodies of the victims who were killed. In the messages exchanged, Sasi told her friend that she had to hide for 7 hours before she was saved from the bunker.

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When her friend asked Sasi if that was how the small number of people got out of the bunker alive, Sasi said, “Yes after 7 hours being in hiding under dead bodies in the bomb shelters.”

“I’m not joking,” she added, along with a photo of what appeared to be several bodies stacked on top of each other. She said that 1,000 bullets were shot into the bomb shelter while the group took cover.

“The Arabs attacked the party and started shooting and throwing grenades into the bomb shelter that didn’t have any doors,” she wrote. “15 grenades and 1000 bullets being shot. For 7 hours straight.”