The presenter who allegedly paid a teen for sexual images must be named by BBC, the police who exposed paedophile BBC star Jimmy Savile has said.

The presenter, who has been reported to have given the teenager more than £35,000 for sexual photos, has been suspended by the BBC, and the broadcaster has already called in Met Police investigators.

Former Surrey Police detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who exposed Savile as a paedo, said that the public need to know who the presenter is.

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He told the Mirror: “It’s the same failed process as Savile, yet again. The BBC has already had a month to look into this – they should have concluded their investigation by now and named the individual in question. It’s all about openness and transparency, but the BBC has got a track record of carrying out fatally flawed investigations.”

Williams-Thomas is an English investigative journalist who also advocates for sexual assault victims and was a police officer in the past. He frequently contributes to This Morning, Channel 4 News, Exposure on ITV, and the crime dramas The Investigator: A British Crime Story on ITV and Netflix.

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Williams-Thomas is best known as a child protection expert for revealing Jimmy Savile to be a child molester in The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, a television documentary he presented in 2012 as part of the Exposure series. The documentary won numerous awards and sparked the Operation Yewtree police investigation. In addition, he has looked into a number of other notable cases, including as the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Williams-Thomas released two additional Exposure documentaries, Exposure: Predators Abroad and Exposure: Inside the Diplomatic Bag, following the popularity of the Jimmy Savile documentary. His covert operations in Cambodia resulted in the capture of a person suspected of providing sex to minors in 2013 and the rescue of two 13- and 14-year-old children.