The display of a sign reading “Jews not allowed” by Ragmen Sahaf, a bookstore in Istanbul, Turkey, has caused controversy and condemnation, particularly amid heightened tensions following Israel’s actions against Hamas.

Who is Ozkan Mustafa?

Ozkan Mustafa is the owner of Ragmen Sahaf bookstore in Istanbul, Turkey. The bookstore displyed “Jews not allowed” sign outside of his establishment.

The appearance of the sign at Ragmen Sahaf has triggered discussions on the increase in global anti-Semitism and discrimination. Regrettably, the bookstore’s actions are not only illegal but also bear resemblances to discriminatory practices seen during the 1930s in Nazi Germany.

This incident, occurring in the aftermath of Israel’s defensive measures following civilian casualties, has incited widespread dismay and indignation worldwide. Despite being an independent action, the display of the discriminatory sign has drawn rapid criticism from various equality and human rights advocacy groups.

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Consequently, this occurrence has emphasized the need for promoting inclusivity and tolerance, particularly during periods marked by heightened political and social tensions.