A 76-year-old woman named Bella Montoya who had shocked her relatives by knocking on her coffin after she was declared dead earlier this month, passed away on Friday. She died after spending seven days in intensive care.

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The cause of her death is believed to be an ischemic stroke. She was reportedly diagnosed with Catalepsy.

Who was Bella Montoya?

Bella Montoya, a 76-year-old retired nurse from Ecuador, attracted attention throughout the world after word got out about her incredible experience of being proclaimed dead and then miraculously reviving. Her remarkable tale enthralled audiences around and made headlines in numerous news sources.

The Ecuadorian Health Ministry announced in a statement that Montoya was under close observation by medical personnel after she made a comeback from the coffin. A commission was formed to examine the specifics of her experience after the ministry expressed interest in looking into her case further.

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Montoya was reportedly diagnosed with catalepsy, a condition characterized by episodes of seizures, loss of consciousness, and rigid body posture. 

According to reports, Montoya spent five hours in her coffin at a funeral home in Babahoyo, Quito, before regaining consciousness and starting to knock on June 9.

She had been in the coffin for about five hours, but when her family opened it to dress her for the funeral, she gasped for air and surprised everyone. She was quickly treated by firefighters and carried back to the same hospital on a stretcher for additional medical attention.

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As reported by a local newspaper, her son, Gilbert Barbera after her death said, “This time my mother really did die. My life will not be the same.” Following her death on June 16, Ms. Montoya’s body was returned to the same funeral home where her wake took place. She is set to be buried at a public cemetery.