Elle Edwards, a 26-year-old beautician killed on Christmas
eve at a pub in the UK. Edwards went to an English pub, The Lighthouse Inn in
Merseyside on Christmas eve for partying where she was shot.

A 30-year-old man was arrested in Tranmere and a 19-year-old
woman was arrested in Rock Ferry. The man is suspected of murder and the woman’s
arrest is on the suspicion of conspiring to murder.

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Apart from Elle, a 28-year-man was severely injured, along
with a man suffering a hand injury, a pub patron injured his legs, and a man
with a wrist injury.

Who was Elle Edwards?

Elle was a 26-year-old beautician who used to work at a salon,
Nova Studio in Wirral.

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Elle Edwards on December 24, 2022, went to a pub, The Lighthouse
Inn in Wallasey Village with her sister and friends.

At around 11:50 GMT, gunfire broke at the Lighthouse which
brutally shot Elle. Edward’s Sister Lucy left the pub just before the gunshots
began. According to the police, Elle was the intentional target of the gunman. The
gun was being fired toward the entrance of the pub which led to Elle being

Elle’s friends earlier thought that there were fireworks
cracking because of Christmas but later came to realize that it was actually
the sound of gunshots.

She was then given CPR by a female patron. As soon as the
first responding officers arrived, Elle was taken to the Arrow Park Hospital. She was declared
dead in the hospital.

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Four other
people were also injured during the gunfire, but Elle was the only one to lose
her life. After Elle’s death, her beauty parlor’s Instagram account posted,
gained the most beautiful angel, we are all heartbroken, thinking of your family
right now Elle.”

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Sue Coombs who was the Detective Superintendent of her case said
that Elle’s death was a “cold-blooded shooting”.