Mario Dumaual, a seasoned entertainment journalist, passed away on Wednesday from a “severe fungal infection” that developed after a heart attack, his family reported.

The reporter passed away from septic shock at 8:01 in the morning, according to his family. They stated that he spent a month in confinement at the Philippine Heart Centre.

“Papa was strong, he kept fighting on, overcoming the heart attack then a cardiac arrest. He would always say he wanted to go home because he missed us, his family. But the infection overwhelmed his body’s ability to recover,” the family posted on social media.

Who was Mario Dumaual?

Mario Dumaual is a Filipino journalist and television host. He is best known for his work as an entertainment reporter and news anchor in the Philippines. With his charming personality and extensive experience in the industry, he has become a prominent figure in Philippine showbiz journalism.

Cause of Death

Mario passed away from septic shock early today. He spent a month in confinement at the Philippine Heart Centre fighting a serious fungal infection that had developed as a side effect of his heart attack treatment.

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Son Miguel Dumaual

ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Miguel Dumaual followed the footsteps of his father, veteran reporter Mario Dumaual.

Wife Cherie Dumaual

In 1987, Dumaual wed Cherie. In addition to three grandchildren, they had five children: William, Thessa, Maxine, Miguel, and Luigi.


On July 31, Mario would have turned 65 years old.


Dumaual began his career in the media industry in the late 1990s, working as a reporter and correspondent for various news programs. He eventually transitioned into entertainment reporting and became a regular face on popular television shows, covering red carpet events, celebrity interviews, and industry news.

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Throughout his career, Dumaual has interviewed numerous local and international celebrities, earning a reputation for his insightful and engaging interviews. He has covered major events in the entertainment industry, including film festivals, award shows, and concerts.

Aside from his work as an entertainment reporter, Dumaual has also hosted several television programs, showcasing his versatility and engaging hosting skills. He has become a familiar face on Philippine television, bringing entertainment news and updates to viewers across the country.