In a horrific incident on an Egyptian beach, a Russian man was devoured alive by a shark on Thursday. The sight unfolded in front of the eyes of tourists visiting the popular Egyptian resort of Hurghada.

Terrifying footage of the encounter on the beach of the Dream Beach hotel shows staffers screaming for swimmers to get out of the water as the shark’s fin could be seen approaching. Several videos of the incident went viral on social media, including one where the woman who was filming the incident kept on saying, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” throughout the video.

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Warning: The following videos might be disturbing for some readers.

The shark was later caught by the Egyptian authorities and removed from the waters. It was then killed. Here is the video of the predator getting removed:

Russia’s consul-general in Hurghada, Viktor Voropayev said, “A Russian died as a result of the shark attack.” He identified the victim as 23-year-old “V. Popov.” However, the Russian media reports named the victim as Vladimir Popov.

Who was Vladimir Popov?

It is believed that Vladimir Popov was not a tourist but had been living in Egypt for several months. He was 23 years old. Before being killed, he screamed “papa” as he was mauled to death by the shark. His father was reportedly in the crowd of beachgoers and witnessed his own son’s death.

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According to the video as well as witnesses Popov did put up a fight as he struggled with the shark. It soon became clear to all those watching that it was a losing battle. There were also rescuers who tried to save Popov but by the time they got there, the shark had already devoured him.

An unidentified woman believed to be Popov’s girlfriend reportedly managed to swim away from the shark just in time and escape. She was seen crying hysterically on the beach as beachgoers tried to console her.