A Bollywood film, Akshay Kumar's 'Bell Bottom', was played at a height of 11,562 feet in the Paldan area of Leh in Ladakh. The region got its first mobile digital movie theatre last week, in in a bid to bring a cinema-watching experience to the remote parts of the country. 

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 The likes of 'Mirzapur' actor Pankaj Tripathi was amongst the few who attended the theatre's inauguration ceremony on August 24. Along with 'Bell Bottom', a critically acclaimed short film 'Sekool' was screened for the audience . In fact, the Akshay Kumar film, which is about an undercover agent code-named Bellbottom embarking on a covert mission to free 210 hostages held by hijackers, was played for the army in the theatre installed by  PictureTime Digiplex.  President of Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA), Thupstan Chewang was also present for the inauguration at the NDS ground. 

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The theatre is made of inflatable material that is also fully waterproof and operates at -28 degrees Celsius, as per reports.

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Mepham Otsal, a theatre artist from the National School of Drama, while speaking to ANI at the time of the inauguration, said, "It offers affordable tickets and has several facilities. The seating arrangement is also good. Being a theatre artist, it's very good for the people here as it will open a gate to the world of art and cinema."

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Sushil, an organizer, said, "There would be four such theatres established in Leh. The initiative was taken to bring the movie experience to the remotest areas of India and can be expanded to the rest of the country. Theatres are arranged in a way so that it can operate in -28 degree Celcius."