Bobby Lashley defeated Kofi Kingston on to win the first singles WWE Championship match between two Black men. The match was moving towards a potential squash with the staggering Lashley liable to destroy former WWE champion Kofi Kingston. And this is exactly what happened. Bobby Lashley completely outmanoeuvred Kingston throughout the match.

Supportive chants of “let’s go Kofi” wringing around the area proved fruitless through several Dominators by Lashley.

The crowd support for Kofi saw Lashley villainously taunt the crowd before slapping on the Hurt Lock on a limp Kofi Kingston reducing him to submission, reports Forbes.    

Bobby Lashley has been a dominating WWE champion. However, his powerful reign took a surprise turn last Monday when he lost to Xavier Woods in a shocking upset. Woods figures to be in line for a future WWE Championship match of his own.

Lashley’s fiery promo, widely regarded the best of his career, and his subsequent tirade tearing up MVP’s VIP lounge were the final images of WWE’s ThunderDome era before the promotion returned to live fans last Friday on SmackDown.

Bobby Lashley has essentially cleaned out the Raw division after dominating former WWE champion Drew McIntyre in their most recent fight. Lashley defeated McIntyre at WrestleMania 37, retained the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match against McIntyre and the since-released Braun Strowman.

McIntyre also lost in his last chance against Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell.

WWE is moving forward with an all-hands-on-deck mentality right now as Lashley is likely to be affected by these plans as his next opponent is expected to be Goldberg in a rumoured match at WWE Summer Slam at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

However, considering the way in which WWE has booked Goldberg in recent appearances, Lashley should be considered the early favourite to retain the WWE Championship in a would-be match against Goldberg, with the men’s Money in the Bank winner potentially working in the shadows.