Apple's new iPad mini created a buzz on social media on Tuesday as users pointed out that the newly released product is more like a large iPhone than an iPad mini. The fall edition of the Apple Event 2021 was hosted in California's Apple Park in a virtual manner.

Social media users said that a physically extended version of the iPhone will look and behave exactly like the new iPad mini, which will have a larger 8.3-inch display with smaller bezels, according to the announcements made in the Keynote address.

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A person on Twitter wrote, “New #IpadMini is basically a large screen iPhone with Touch IDPerson shrugging.”

Another added, “My mother: iPad Mini you mean iPhone Large?”

One user possibility of them using the IPad mini as their regular phone, in case they got it with the iPhone 13 pro cameras, “If I could get an iPad mini with the iPhone 13 pro cameras I'd probably get one and use that as my phone. Idc if it's large I'm 6'9" it'll fit in my pockets and look normal in my hands lol”

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The new iPad mini comes with the absence of the home button and sports thinner borders. It will be available in a variety of colours, ranging from Purple, Pink to Starlight and Space Gray.

The new iPad Mini has a 40% jump in CPU performance, and an 80% "leap" in GPU, Apple said. A USB-C Port addition to its feature has made it an instant hit among critics and users.

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Apple hopes to capitalise on recent success for a once-struggling product category with the iPad mini. Tablet has been in decline in recent years, but it has resurfaced in the pandemic as a result of people being stranded at home owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

When it comes to the iPad, a truetone flash has been introduced to increase image quality. The iPad mini will be able to record in 4K resolution. Centre Stage will also be supported by the gadget.